Telemedicine vs. In-Person Visits: What is right for you? A message from our CEO, Michael Zucker

Even though it has been available for years, telemedicine adoption among consumers and healthcare providers has always been relatively low. But when the coronavirus pandemic struck earlier this year, it propelled telemedicine to the forefront of modern healthcare. Now that consumers have experienced the ability to access care immediately from the comfort of home, telemedicine has forever changed the way consumers view healthcare.

I believe telemedicine is here to stay. Once the customer experiences a more consumer-friendly approach to healthcare, it will only continue to gain traction. I think we will see more physicians using virtual healthcare to enhance the experience for their patients. And for those without a physician relationship, using the FetchMD telehealth platform can be a very convenient way to obtain care for minor needs.

Telemedicine addresses the most common frustrations of healthcare, which are inconvenience, high costs, and access.  By delivering fast, affordable, and convenient care, more people will have the ability to obtain care with a healthcare professional and avoid delays in seeking care.

FetchMD is bringing back on-demand house call visits.

Conditions that may require a physical exam, diagnostic labs or imaging, or treatments that involve a procedure such as sutures or an injection would be more appropriate for an in-person visit.  FetchMD is excited to bring back our popular in-person, on-demand house call service in Austin and San Antonio. I anticipate a blend of telehealth and in-person visits, or ‘Telehealth 2.0’. When a customer has an initial telehealth visit and needs additional care that can’t be accomplished virtually, we send a provider directly to your home or workplace for that next level of care.

Customers can request an on-demand telehealth or in-person visit on the FetchMD app. From minor urgent care needs to prescription refills and lab orders, you can depend on FetchMD’s fast, affordable and convenient care.

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