Sarah Talbot on heat-related illnesses

Stay Aware of Heat-Related Illness this Summer

Summer Is Here And So Is The Heat.

With so many summer activities taking place outside, it’s important for you and your family to stay safe in the hot temperatures.

One of our physician assistants, Sarah Talbot, PA-C, recently sat down with KVUE to explain the signs of heat exhaustion and dehydration and provide tips to prevent these common summer ailments.  

Whether you are working in the yard, playing sports or even out at the lake, be sure to drink plenty of fluids before heading outdoors, and continue to drink enough so you don’t feel thirsty. Also, take breaks in the shade when possible and wear lightweight, light-colored and loose-fitting clothing. If you are planning to exercise, be sure to avoid extremely hot, humid weather and opt for early mornings or evenings.  

Warning Signs Of Dehydration

If you start to feel thirsty, have a dry mouth or cracked lips, you could be experiencing the early signs of dehydration. Other warning signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion include:

  • Urinating less often or having dark urine
  • Feeling tired or dizzy
  • Red, hot skin
  • No tears with crying, especially in kids
  • Weakness and muscle cramps
  • Fast breathing or heart rate
  • High body temperatures (104+)


Who Is At Risk For Heat-Related Illness

While everyone that spends time outdoors in the summer sun is at risk for dehydration and heat exhaustion, children and seniors over the age of 60 are more susceptible. Others that are at a higher risk include:

  • Those with low physical fitness levels
  • Anyone suffering from an acute illness
  • Those on certain medications, dietary supplements, or using alcohol
  • Those with diabetes or heart disease

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of heat-related illness is the first step to preventing dehydration, heat exhaustion and even heat stroke.  If you or a loved one find yourself suffering from a heat-related illness this summer, a FetchMD medical provider will come to you, wherever you are. Download the app today – our team is available 7 days a week!  

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