Health care inefficient because it can be

The Affordable Care Act has ushered in rapid change to our country’s health care system. Here are tangibles that come to mind: a plethora of new terminology (accountable care organizations, exchanges, population health, etc.), individuals dropped from their health plans, exchange plans that few providers accept, stratospheric premium increases, and insurance companies bailing from state exchanges, just to name a few.

Sadly, what is missing is the creation of real value or increase in the quality of health care.

This recent front-page story is yet another example or our irrational health care system. When is the price not the price? Only in health care. In what other segment of our economy do consumers not know the price of goods or services before they purchase? Imagine buying groceries without knowing their cost. I’m doubtful that it would work. Yet in health care, this is the everyday reality.

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