Invest Now in Employees & Emerge Post-COVID Strong

When it comes to providing healthcare choices that make sense during turbulent times, employers can face limited options. COVID-19 continues to keep many workers home. Meanwhile, the flu season is here and will last at least until early Spring.

Now more than ever, many employers are seeking innovative options for keeping their work force healthy. Their employees who do return to the workplace recognize the value of good health, as we face a winter when COVID-19 and flu cases can surge.

That’s why we are partnering with large employers in San Antonio and Austin to offer employees and their families’ convenient, in-person, access to board certified healthcare providers to address their urgent care needs.

We’re doing it with on-demand, house call services. Recent medical studies show such services can provide a fast, affordable, convenient option and increase worker access to needed medical care.

Imagine a medical professional coming to visit you in the home or office and not having to travel or wait to be seen.  Yes, this is the reality with on-demand, modern day house call services, like FetchMD.  They are fast, affordable, and provide convenient care with just a few clicks on our mobile app.

The convenience translates to better employee health and productivity in the work place.

How Do On-Demand House Calls Work?


Our healthcare providers diagnose and treat most minor urgent care illnesses and injuries, including:

  • Sickness (flu, other viruses, coughs, colds, fevers, urinary tract infections),
  • Minor injuries (sprains, strains, joint pain)
  • Skin problems (lacerations requiring stitches, infections, rashes)
  • Ear, nose and throat problems (sore throats, earaches, seasonal allergies, respiratory infections, sinus inflammation)
  • Tummy trouble (nausea, vomiting)
  • Well checks (school and sports physicals)

Children and adults age 2 to 80 can be treated by certified Physician Assistants and Advanced Nurse Practitioners supervised by our team of physicians who are just a phone call away, to address any questions or concerns.

Our healthcare providers can diagnose, treat and also write prescriptions. And, to make things even more convenient, we can send the prescription to our partner pharmacy, HEB and have it delivered free of charge.

At work, exams can be done in conference rooms, offices, even cubicles. At home, nothing beats the comfort of living rooms over waiting rooms.

How Do Employers Benefit?


  • Reduced Healthcare Spending. On-demand urgent care costs a fraction of what’s billed at urgent care centers and emergency rooms. See these examples from our Case Study:


  • Treatment for bronchitis can cost more than $2,500 in an emergency room
  • Urinary tract infections: more than $1,000
  • Lacerations: almost $2,000
  • Gastroenteritis (intestinal inflammation): nearly $2,800


  • Increased Worker Productivity. No need for an employee to fight traffic driving to and from a doctor’s office. No time wasted in waiting rooms and there is much less distraction when children or spouses get immediate medical attention.


  • Employee Satisfaction. The convenience and low-cost option of on-demand house calls helps you attract and retain your best employees.


To Summarize:


Now is the time to invest in your people, both emotionally and physically, and ensure they stay healthy and have easier, more accessible healthcare.

Now on-demand house calls can significantly impact the bottom lines of employers as well as employees and families.

Now is the time to offer an option for improving convenience, offering a “virtual clinic on wheels” that comes to your workplace or home and leaves employees feeling better, faster.

For more information about on-demand house call services for your employees, visit our website.

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