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Happy Mother’s Day: How to Soar Through Sickness and Come out a Superhero

Moms are superheroes! We can all agree on that. And when the kids are sick with fevers, ear infections, or upset stomachs, moms deserve an extra medal of honor. But nonetheless, getting through a day with a child who’s under the weather can be downright exhausting. And if more than one of your kids is sick, you definitely need to be on your ‘A-game’.

Here are a few tips to help you get through it all:

  • Hugs, favorite teddy bears, books, movies, and PJs go a long way. Set your to-do list aside…we promise the laundry will wait.  Spend the extra time with your little one.
  • Be patient and take things as they happen.  Try not to get frustrated if you’ve just mopped the floor and now find yourself cleaning it AGAIN. This too shall pass.  It will be ok.
  • Remember when you had a newborn and everyone told you to “sleep when the baby sleeps”? Grab a nap! Your sick child definitely needs to rest, and so do you.  
  • Handwashing is a must and the most effective way to keep the germs from spreading.  Be sure you and your entire family are washing your hands often.
  • If you’re going to give your child a lukewarm bath (not cold) to bring a fever down, turn up the fun and fill the tub with bubbles.
  • Try an icy drink or eat popsicles. Frozen sports drinks will help keep the kids hydrated, help soothe their sore throats, and it will feel like an extra special treat.

Most of all, stay calm and know that you’re not alone. Kids are resilient and bounce back quickly. Here’s hoping yours do, too.


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