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Get to know Amanda R., PA-C

FetchMD is known for providing customers high-quality care, whenever and wherever you need it. That high quality, on-demand urgent care isn’t possible without a great team of healthcare providers, like Physician Assistant Amanda R., PA-C. 

For Amanda, attending to patients’ medical needs in the comfort of their homes or place of employment is a very rewarding experience. She sees firsthand the flexibility FetchMD affords patients. 

What conditions do you treat at FetchMD?

“Working at FetchMD, I treat acute illnesses like strep throat, ear infections, flu, and allergies. I focus on acute disease and see improvement in illness quite quickly as opposed to managing chronic conditions which often takes time to improve.”

What do you enjoy most about the FetchMD experience?

“Our customers are extremely friendly and welcoming. Having a stranger, so to speak, come into your personal space I’m sure can be a bit unnerving to some. But I have never felt unwelcome or uncomfortable. They are the best! Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that some have the best sense of humor and we have shared many laughs despite their illness.”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

“Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband, three fur babies, and our families. Both my husband and I come from very large families, so much of our free time is consumed by family functions, birthday parties, you name it! We have two Goldendoodles and one toy poodle and we often take them out on the weekends to the dog park, or even to enjoy a nice meal at dog-friendly restaurants. We love traveling, experiencing new cuisines and cycling when we get the chance!”

Why do you love being a Physician Assistant?

“I get so much satisfaction from seeing other people happy. This may sound cliché, but the best part of my day happens when I see other people smiling. This is why I love being a PA! 

Five-Star Customer Experience 

Customers are raving about the FetchMD experience. In fact, 98% of our customers are extremely likely to refer their friends and family to FetchMD. Next time you aren’t feeling well, skip the waiting room and request a house call with one of our friendly healthcare providers, like Amanda. 

Amanda was absolutely amazing! She was very helpful and warm and just a pleasure to have help my husband with his issue!   – Amber A.

PA Amanda was amazing, she was very professional and attentive. Definitely will be using her again!  – Edwin R.

Amanda was awesome, very friendly and professional! She even came after hours to help me. Unfortunately, I tested positive for the flu, but at least I was able to get tested and a prescription from the comfort of my home.   – John V.

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