FetchMD Frontline Provider Rebecca Fritz, PA-C

Meet FetchMD Frontline Provider Rebecca Fritz, PA-C

Now more than ever, we want to shine a light on the amazing team of frontline providers at FetchMD. Our nurse practitioners and physician assistants are committed to caring for our customers in this time of uncertainty. Some of them, like Physician Assistant Rebecca Fritz, PA-C, have served on the frontline from the beginning of the pandemic.

How has the FetchMD care model changed since the COVID-19 pandemic?

“Before the coronavirus, FetchMD gave customers the opportunity to receive on-demand urgent care in the comfort of their home or workplace. We quickly converted our in-person visits to telehealth visits and began offering additional services to meet the needs of our community and employer partners.”

Why do you think virtual visits are here to stay?

“Many ailments can be appropriately diagnosed when you listen closely to patient history and current symptoms. This can expedite diagnosis and treatment while assuring the patient receives the best care. Telehealth is fast, convenient, and accessible. Making it easy for us to continue our mission of delivering care when and where it is needed.”

How is working as a FetchMD provider different from other healthcare settings?

“As a FetchMD provider, I am able to balance my work and home life with ease. You don’t always have the luxury of work-life balance in healthcare. And this plays an important part in why our team of providers genuinely care about our customers. When you are working in a healthy environment, it comes across inpatient care.”

Why do you love your job?

“I enjoy Interacting on a personal basis with customers, listening to their stories and experiences. They teach me to be a better person and provider.”

When you aren’t geared up for patient care, what do you enjoy doing?

Outside of work, my hobbies include CrossFit, gardening, reading journal articles, and sunbathing by the pool.

About FetchMD Virtual Visits

FetchMD offers virtual telehealth visits across Texas. Stay home and see a licensed healthcare provider with the touch of a button. Download the FetchMD app today. Our team is here for all of your minor urgent care needs.

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