FetchMD Addresses Employee Absenteeism with On-Demand Urgent Care

With flu and cedar pollen allergies at their peak, all the sneezing, coughing and germ spreading can put a serious dent in employee productivity. Employers recognize the need for a better, more affordable healthcare experience that increases productivity and decreases absenteeism. On-demand healthcare services like FetchMD is a growing trend that’s addressing this billion-dollar problem. 

According to Mercer’s 2019 survey of employer-sponsored health plans, managing high-cost claims is a top priority for 80% of large employers over the next five years. Employers are looking for innovative ways to deliver quality healthcare at a lower cost, and FetchMD is leading the way by delivering fast, affordable, and convenient care directly to employees at their home or workplace. 

We understand the importance of keeping a healthy, productive workforce, and our employer partners agree that FetchMD:

  • Reduces employer healthcare spending

FetchMD provides on-demand urgent care at a fraction of the cost of urgent care centers and emergency rooms. 

  • Increases productivity

A FetchMD visit can be requested for home or work. Employees can skip the waiting room and have our healthcare providers come to them, when and where they choose! 

  • Increases employee satisfaction 

Employers attract and retain the best by providing a low cost, convenient benefit for employees and their families. 

In addition to on-demand urgent care visits for minor illness and injuries, FetchMD offers follow-up telehealth services for employees who have recently been visited by one of our healthcare providers. Your team will have access to licensed healthcare providers seven days a week with the added benefit of knowing they can address any questions or concerns following their visit by requesting a telehealth visit in our easy to use FetchMD app

Ready to learn more about how FetchMD can help manage healthcare costs by delivering high quality, low-cost care for employees and their families in the home or workplace? Contact us today!

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