FetchMD brings personal treatment right in your own home

Fast, Affordable, and Convenient Care

A New Trend in Low-Cost Healthcare

There is a growing trend toward seeking medical treatment outside of the hospital, ER, and urgent care center at lower-cost, more convenient sites of care. FetchMD is at the forefront of this growing movement in healthcare that is challenging the status quo to improve the experience for consumers who are desperate for change.

Finding a doctor or scheduling an appointment shouldn’t involve long wait times and delays. Especially, when you want to be seen immediately. Wait times can be as long as days or weeks and it can be challenging to find a doctor who accepts new patients. Unfortunately, the industry is entrenched in the past and barely budging to improve the customer experience.

Same-Day Visits for Minor Healthcare Needs

FetchMD is about creating a customer experience that makes it so easy to “fetch” a same-day visit for all your minor healthcare needs, right from your smartphone. We do not work with insurance companies so FetchMD is able to keep our costs low. In many cases, our customers pay less than they would at an urgent care center, even with insurance. Our services are affordable, our prices are fair and they are easy to understand.  No complicated insurance plans, confusing bills, or ridiculous mark-ups.

For only $119, FetchMD will send a physician assistant or nurse practitioner to your home or office to care for all your urgent care needs.  The service is fast, with same or next-day appointments that are affordable. And you won’t have to fight traffic or sit in a cold, germ-filled waiting room.

Transparent Pricing that Won’t Leave You Shocked

Paying for your visit is simple too – we accept credit, debit, HSA, and FSA. With our transparent pricing, you’ll know how much your visit will cost up front, and you’ll never receive a follow-up bill.

With a greater focus on meeting the consumers’ needs, FetchMD is changing the face of healthcare…one house call at a time!


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