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FetchMD does not accept health insurance. We are a direct-to-consumer model and do not participate with insurance companies in order to keep our overhead costs low and pass savings on to you. We do, however, accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) as accepted forms of payment, in addition to credit and debit card payments. FetchMD will provide a super bill upon request to submit this to your health insurance plan, and which may be applicable towards your annual out-of-pocket deductible.
FetchMD strives to see our customers during the time of day they request. Your preference for morning, afternoon, or evening can be entered through our mobile app. If requests are received after 7 p.m., those visits may be scheduled for the next morning.
Yes, our clinicians may see multiple patients during the same visit. The cost is $119 for the first patient and $65 for each additional patient.
Same-day appointments can be scheduled Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Visit requests received after 7 p.m. may have to be scheduled for the following business day. FetchMD is also available on Saturday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Our clinicians happily take care of patients above the age of 2.
Yes, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners can write prescriptions. Our clinicians work under the supervision of a physician and can examine patients, access medical histories, order and interpret diagnostic tests, diagnose injuries or illness, and provide treatment.

Our Story

Our story starts with a simple mission to help consumers obtain fast, affordable, and convenient healthcare without breaking the bank. In other words, we wanted to change the healthcare experience. We were tired of exorbitant prices for common hospital admissions and procedures, even when covered under an employer-sponsored insurance plan. Having insurance coverage does not equate to quality and affordable care. Consumers are left in the dark about how to identify high-performing providers when more specialized care or treatment is needed. Furthermore, if they are able to identify the best providers for their particular need, getting timely access is often impossible.

Ranger Health launched in 2015 as a market-making platform to provide our members with the leverage and information necessary to make healthcare decisions easier and more affordable. Our results speak for themselves. Lower costs, better outcomes, and a more user-friendly experience are just some of the reasons our members love Ranger Health.

Along this journey to enhance the healthcare experience, an interesting idea emerged from supporting our early clients. We noticed that so many of our members were using Ranger Health to navigate to providers for many of their basic healthcare needs (like sinus infections, flu, minor lacerations, and other minor needs). Yet, the frustrations and high costs existed for these “everyday” needs, too. And for so many people with high deductible health plans, this meant that every dollar spent came directly out of the consumer’s pocket.

So, in 2016, we launched Ranger On Call, a direct to consumer, on-demand, mobile urgent care service for our members. Ranger On Call delivers fast and affordable care in the comfort of the home or office, with the convenience of on-demand scheduling for a flat, affordable and transparent price. Within weeks, the social media buzz was fueling the growth and demand for this service. In October 2016, we opened our “members-only” service to all consumers in San Antonio, TX.

In November 2017, Ranger Health expanded its on-demand service to the five contiguous counties around San Antonio and expanded to Austin, TX in January, 2018. We rebranded our on-demand service to FetchMD and introduced a new mobile app to make it even easier for our customers to receive care, when and where they want it. Our team of FetchMD providers are committed to redefining the healthcare experience each and every day!

Our passion is delivering fast and affordable healthcare without the hassles and frustrations

The FetchMD Promise.




A New Model


Our health care providers, licensed Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, are available to you when and where it’s most convenient. By delivering care directly and not messing with insurance claims, we’re saving you from paying the unnecessary markup and costs associated with inefficient, traditional, brick-and-mortar, healthcare delivery.


The amount you have historically paid for expensive healthcare is a direct result of the dysfunctional healthcare marketplace. Services are outrageously expensive because of administrative overhead, over-utilization of costly technology, high fixed cost clinics and facilities, cost-shifting by providers to those who can afford to pay, and numerous other excuses. FetchMD (formerly Ranger On Call) provides urgent care directly to the consumer at a fraction of the cost that totally CHANGES THE HEALTHCARE EXPERIENCE. You have our promise.

Meet Our Team

Michael C. Zucker, FACHE

Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Cameron Powell, MD

Co-Founder &
Chief Medical Officer

Trey Moore

Co-Founder &
Chief Technology Officer

Matt Patterson, MD

Strategic Advisor

Madison Mauzé

Chief Operating Officer

Lee McKenna

Vice President
of Operations

Roel Almendarez

Vice President of
Engineering and Technology

Wendy Solberg, FACHE, CPHQ

Director of
Clinical Operations

Scott Campbell, DO

Medical Director

Kristi Jones

Vice President of


FetchMD is redefining the healthcare experience.


Our mission is to be the trusted resource for consumers by delivering fast, convenient, and affordable access to quality healthcare through a suite of solutions.


Relentless commitment to customer service.
Professional excellence in all that we do.
Action guided by integrity, kindness and respect.